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Chapter 10

“just because she gave you sex, her body and such pleasure doesn’t mean she can’t kill you, women are devil, direct seed from Lucifer. Remember a woman started the beginning of the mortal war, the suffering caused on the early dawn of mankind was caused by a woman, remember women are weakness and downfall of a man”

“I heard you Thomas, I don’t understand why you keep telling me this, are you telling me not to trust my wife? that she can kill me?”

“Don’t get me wrong Paul, I never said your wife can kill you or that you shouldn’t trust her, all I said is only for you to be careful when its comes to women”.

“Forget those bullshit, all my life I’ve come to meet many women, those I can’t remember and those I could recall, I’ve not seen a worthy woman like Sarah, a living testimony far more greater than expected. She took away my bad lifestyles, through her do I hope for a brighter future, Thomas, relationships or marriage demand trust from both partners, trust bound the love of any union. All my life I thought there are no worthy women fit to be with but I was wrong, I met an angel, a woman sent in mercies of divinity to shine a path through my darkness, just because this doesn’t work out for you doesn’t mean women are evil, you have just not meet the right ones.
You need to change your ideology of women being the seed of evil, for you to come across the right ones, you need to get rid of your beliefs, open your heart and fill it up yourself with love”

Paul said and smiled, sipping his drinks while Thomas, the childhood friend he met few days ago stared at him and raised his shoulders in acceptance. “Well its okay Paul, if that’s what you think and what you wanted” he added and smiled, both seating in their VIP reservoir.

“You want If I call some chicks over for hot sex?”

“common, I told you already, I have my marriage vows and my wife can give me hot sex whenever I get back to the States” Paul answered, looking around the club.

“Hot sex !! what does a virgin know about hot sex? oh common, you piss me off at times”

“hey bro, my wife drills me hard, she’s just too good than sleep like a dead body as some virgins or starters does, you wouldn’t even believe it”

“is that so?” Thomas exclaimed loud


“Jacob Climpson, do you belong to any Occultic? I want nothing but the truth, you dare not lie to me” Mrs Climpson voiced out, sitting on the bed with her hands crossed in confusion and anger at her husband who suddenly was preparing to go Russia on a business rather different to what their son went for.

Mr Climpson turned back before he could put on his tie and faced her, he felt shocked and likewise felt confused, considering the question his wife asked. “What do mean Eunice?”

“You heard me right Jacob, I’m not repeating myself”

“Then I don’t understand what you mean”

“you dare not tell me you don’t Jacob, what Occultic do you belong to and what do you know about Kyra?” she barked and raised her voice angrily, standing up to face him.

Fear struck Mr Climpson immediately, fear that that went beyond and underneath his heart beat, which was already beating twice in two seconds out of normal. He breathe heavily and heaved a deep breath staring at her, Kyra, Kyra, Kyra, the name rings loudly with a thud right on his brain and mind. “what does she meant by Kyra? what the hell is she saying?” the question rings loudly on his brain, fierce and powerful like a burning sulfur.

“I see you find it difficult to answer me Jacob, don’t tell me all the claims are true?” she asked and stayed right in front of him.

“Hey woman, what claims are you talking about? I already said I don’t understand the bullshit you’re saying, what Occultic and what the hell is Kyra?” he asked staring at her, trying to sound confident.

“hmm Jacob,I bet you just played with fire and a deadly cobra same time” she gave a wicked smirk and walked out of the room while he stared watching her walk out with the door closed in a bang.

He stood muted and stared at the closed door for minutes before walking to sit on the bed, soaked in swelt he paced around the room with his suit also soaked. “What is happening?” the question kept ringing with no possible answer he could give, his mind drifted to Ghost, could he have told his wife? or Sarah and Stephen had finally made their move?” several question kept ringing without stopping, now he’s done for, totally exposed, what’s the point of protecting one sinful act by committing greater ones? Ghost couldn’t have told Eunice even though they parted badly, Stephen and Sarah had finally begin their plans,come to think of that, how could Stephen be my biological son? what exactly does he meant? why has this turned out badly all of a sudden? he kept asking himself without an answer.


“she felt bad and broke up, disappointed Mr Climpson went against her love and their marriage vows, she was so devastated and felt pains seeing another woman pregnant for her husband. The strange woman wants nothing but a share from Mr Climpson wealth, she felt so bad her first son was severely ill then and was almost at the point of death with a medical report that her chance to have another child was slim due to her weak uterus, she can’t have another baby herself without been operated, she was advised against having another child birth.

She however decided to kill the woman but keep the child for herself since its was her husband’s incase her son eventually died due to the love she had for him” the trembling Doctor finally speak up with a gun pointed right on her forehead.

“how come Mr Climpson doesn’t know a woman was pregnant for him?” Kyra asked.

“Mrs Climpson found out first through a message sent to him, she made sure the woman was traced before she plan on confronting her husband but found out the woman was only a slut who wanted nothing but money, she had her cleared up untill she was about to give birth and set up the whole thing just to get the child adopted for herself”.

“hmm wonderful, but after she gave birth, report said she took off with a note report left down” Kyra said while she fearfully nodded in agreement. “We both know a woman who just gave birth will hardly have the strength to move rather than getting out from the hospital successfully without been seen despite the CCTV and securities around, how possible could that have happened?” Kyra asked, staring at her.

The doctor hesitated and kept lifting her mouth to talk but couldn’t, she wail in tears and glance at the lady pointing a gun on her head and the boy they had done such evil. “Answer the goddamn question she asked” Stephen who had kept quite all the way shouted and furiously landed a slap on the doctor’s face, he wanted to know how his mother they called slut was cleared and less interested in her story.

“The note was forged by one of our hospital drivers, I inject her right after she gave birth forcefully under the threat of Mrs Climpson who threatened to reveal my secrets out to the world if I refused. The strange woman died not after 7 minutes later, we cleared her up and plan the letters” the doctor replied hurriedly with mucus in her nasal passages.

Stephen froze in anger and landed another slap on her, he stretched out his hands instantly and Kyra gave him the gun almost immediately. She smiled seeing how furious he was, he shot and a bullet pierced the doctor’s forehead without pity.


Mrs Climpson shouted on top of her voice into the phone placed on her ear, she was furious and desperate for a gun, maybe to kill her husband, herself or anybody that appeared that very moment.

“Eunice, what do you know about the death of Stephen’s mother?” Mr Climpson suddenly appeared and shouted confidently out of anger. She furiously turned and dropped the call, she made a wicked chuckle before speaking.” What else do you want me to know about it? I can see you found out Mr, yes of course I killed her, that is what you wanted to hear, you’re such a betrayer Jacob, all my life I’ve lived to love you alone, I gave you all I had, I protected our marriage vows with my life, I sacrifice alot for our home but you betrayed me, you betrayed my trust by impregnating another woman just because our son was dying” she spat on him.

“how do you mean? I did no such thing”

“Yes you did Jacob, you’re such a bastard, you impregnated her and she deserve to die” she shouted. “You’re no man Jacob but a devil, you deserve to die a multiple folds” she shouted and spat on him again before she bursted out weeping.

Mr Climpson stood muted, panic, shocked and felt nothing but guilty, he slept with lots of women outside their marriage more than he could count but none ever got pregnant for him, he knew the possibility of getting a woman pregnant for him was high when he goes unprotected but he never expect pregnancy from any of them, they were all sluts, he is likely the real Devil, the evil beyond the wall.

The door suddenly opened and Joy bang in panicking, “mum, Dad” she voiced out catching her breath. “This is not right, this is..” she pointed out stretching her phone forward. “what is it?” Mrs Climpson interrupted and collected the phone, a video clip was displayed with a play arrow right below it.

“What is the problem with you?” Mr Climpson asked too

“I suggest you both watch that first”

“Watch what?”

“A video right in the hands of mum” she replied looking at them.

Mrs Climpson played the video clips and a footage of Sarah and Stephen having sex displayed widely.

“What !!” Mrs Climpson shouted.


GMT 22:45pm

“Now what the next plan?” Kyra asked, taking off her cloth immediately they entered the hotel room.

“The culprit getting what she deserved”

“hmm and that is?”

“Death” Stephen replied sitting on the bed

“And why should it be death? why don’t you make her suffer, disgraced and ridicule her publicly rather than make her die a hero to the world” she asked again, bending to take off her skirt, left with a bra and pant.

No, I want her death clean alongside her two children, I want her disgraced and let her corpse placed for the crows to feed on”

“Easy boy, I assure you of that, I’m happy the Climpson’s will get the accurate punishment for what they deserved and I’ll personally kill Mr Climpson myself, don’t trouble your lonely soul” she said and walked seductively in front of him.

“He’s my father after all, I beg you to spare him”

“Don’t beg me Stephen, Mr Climpson will die a very bad horrible death, you decide the others death while I’ll choose how he dies”

“But Kyra”…..

“No but Stephen, cheez, don’t get me pissed off. Right now you can see I aren’t for those shit, give me some hot sex, I’ve missed you deeply inside” she added, taking off her bra and pants before Stephen suddenly rushed forward like a mad bull to kiss her

To be continued…..

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