Chapter 5

Mrs. Climpson was almost done greeting her co-workers who were among the crowd, she glance back at Paul, he was absolutely doing well, his sense of humor was quite astonishing, their gaze was all on him.

Its was as if its one of those merry moment when they invite family and friends all across the world for celebration, though they hadn’t plan for such, especially this that seems like a party was going on, its has gradually becoming one just a day to her husband recovery.

Hey mum !! Stephen called out, walking up to her, he was extremely handsome with the blue sleeve and black suit on him, bringing out the astonishing color of his skin, he had been ignoring the seductive gaze of some of the ladies in the hall, of course any of them would fall easily for him.

“Have you seen dad ? I’ve been looking around for him” he asked with a confused look.

“oh!! He just went in few minutes ago, check for him in his bedroom”. ‘she replied smiling without looking at him, she was just called up by Paul to face the audience.
He glance a look at Paul few seconds before walking towards the other entrance that leads to the bedroom. He knock the door gently twice before opening it when he got no response only to see a powerful shock of his life.

What !! He shouted, startled Mr. Climpson and Sarah unexpectedly jerk away from each other, the man was ashamed of himself, he couldn’t look at the shock on Stephen, he used the blanket as cover to his unclad manhood. Now what ? All he has protected clearly revealed, a painful shame surge his heart, for a moment, the thought of his family struck him, Sarah in turns didn’t look the same way, she stared at Stephen before zipping up her loose gown.


Stephen closed the door immediatly with a heavy thud, Mr. Climpson could not hold his silent tears, he just couldn’t. Sarah quickly apply little make-up before turning to face him, “you don’t have to do this Jacob, trust me, there’s no cause for fears, Stephen can’t utter anything about this” she said confidently while the man looked up to face her, he knew Sarah never joke with her words, he stared at her, ready to hear more explanation.

“its not what you are thinking, you just can’t understand now, but you will very soon, and besides if at all it is, if need be, we’ll have to execute it “Sarah buttress her point, having a mischievous looks”.

Mr. Climpson immediatly stands up, he was shocked, realizing what she means, he gazed at her, checking if she really meant it. “What do you mean ?” He manage to ask…

“Yes don’t be surprise, after all he’s not the first you’ll execute and he’s also not your biological son. We’ll have to end him if need be but trust me, he won’t say anything, everything is under control.”  Sarah added before proceeding out of the room, she could hear Mrs. Climpson voice visibly near the room while Mr. Climpson watched in awe.

Now he knows he is surely in for trouble, he watched her walking towards the door, unable to say anything. She exist the room and gently close it behind her.

Mrs. Climpson hug and thanked Sarah when she saw her coming out of the man’s room, she had almost collide with her when she came out of the room, “thank you dear, she had said” while she proceed to check on her husband.

To be continued….,
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