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Chapter 6

The big dinning hall was filled with the entire family later after their visitors left, there were different speculated meals and anyone chooses whatever pleases them. The astonishing dinning hall wall was designed by the famous 2davids known globally around the world for their artistic work, the room has a small mini-back bar filled with different wine.

Mr. Climpson was seated beside his wife, Sarah beside Paul, Joy was also seated beside Stephen while some of the maids were seated beside each other giggling and glancing stares at Paul, his muscular body reflecting out through the t-shirt on him…..

Sarah kept looking at them and at Paul who doesn’t seem to care if they were looking at him but was busy with his food, she wished she could stand to give them a sounding slap. Mr. Climpson in turns looked sober, though he was served his favorite meal, he had no appetite whatsoever to eat eagerly the way he does, especially now that its was his favorite.

The whole room was silent while everyone was busy with their thoughts, it was the habit of the family to maintain food manners, they all knew especially Mrs. Climpson who detest talking while eating.

She glance a look at her husband, wondering what’s was wrong with him. “what is wrong with you ? I’ve been watching you earlier, is there any problem ? She turns to ask him whilst they all stop eating to face the man as if the question was directed to them, except Stephen who continued with his food, trying his possible best not to show his anger.

‘ The man made a quick glance towards Stephen and Paul, though Stephen was not his biological son, he had helped his mother who he met coincidentally during birth, she was a stranger and a prostitute who needed help, which he rendered. She had left him after birth with a note that the child is a curse, she had tried severally to abort him like she abort every other pregnancy gotten by mistake but all effort seem futile, adding that the hospital can do whatever they want with the baby after disappearing without trace. It had taken serious argument and consideration by his wife before she agreed to adopt the baby which they had all known to love, taking him as one of their children and never make him feel like an adopted child.

‘He turns towards his wife, faking a smile, there is nothing darling’ he manage to say after thinking of many possible answer to give. MRS. Climpson heaved a sigh, she knew her husband from the start and can tell if he’s happy or sad, she turns towards her children before turning to face him back, we have lovely children Jacob, they are everything to me and as you are my life. I thank the Lord you are here today and your sickness finally gone, I can’t live a day without you all, I have lived with you over 30 years and I can tell if you are sad or happy, you’ve not also touched your food much which I know you never play with your favorite meal, tell me what the problem is darling, ‘she moves closer to touch his hands’.

The man only cleared his throat and started eating, “ I’m fine darling, I just …..

“Yes he’s fine mum, Stephen who had been busy with his food said, interrupting Mr. Climpson, he’s just probably thinking about our lovely family, let him be, he surely need the rest. He added moving away from the dinning set while Mr. Climpson watch him walk away with inner tears.

25 minutes later

Sarah was coming out of Joy’s room, the whole family had all return to their rooms after having dinner, Paul had suggested they return to their place of abode while Mrs. Climpson insisted they stay with them till the following morning.

She walk down the stairs thinking about her mum and all about her past, what she felt for humans generally is hatred, she despise humans, they are absolutely filled with wickedness and atrocities. She vow in her heart to destroy all what Jacob Climpson has, she pledge to give him unbearable hard pain for his sin, for a moment, her mind drifted back to how Stephen had caught her and the man in the sex scenario, she knew he was trying hard not to show his anger during dinner and she knows he will be demanding an explanation from her. She wonder why Stephen had vow to repay their kindness with wickedness, she had earlier stayed in Joy’s room intentionally because she knew Stephen will be staying around the corner and watching when she comes out.


She heaved a sigh before proceeding towards the other side of the room which leads to the room Paul was, suddenly someone grab her from behind, pushing her towards the wall. It wasn’t surprising because she had expected it, “ Stephen I can explain” she quickly says “ explain what ? That I caught you having an immoral act with Mr. Climpson ? He asked angrily without giving her the chance to continue….

Its absolutely unbelievable that you’re planning to backstab me, ‘no I’m not Stephen, why will I backstab you ? I wouldn’t ever do such a thing, there are reasons behind what I did and its all because of you, I have the man trapped already and believe me he will succumb to whatever we want. She said passionately, without taking off her eyes on him. Stephen was for a moment captured by her, he was calm all of a sudden.

“ How did you mange to do that ? He asked her, Sarah gave a smirk, the same way you are looking seductively at my body, you don’t need to ask me details now, but trust my words, everything you want will be acquired. “ she replied him” while Stephen moves closer to her with his hands going behind and caressing her. Sarah looked at his hands moving up and down her body and suddenly feel angered, she wish she could strangled him right away but tried to prevent the urge, “ I have to go now, Paul will be expecting me” she tried to take his hands off her body but he didn’t let go, she tried the second time but he also didn’t let go, please let me go…

“I hope it remains the way you’ve just said, otherwise you wouldn’t find it funny” Stephen said before letting her go… Sarah turns to watch him leave, she felt nothing but anger. She brought out her phone and type into the message app, “ I have a job for you” boldly to a contact displayed as Z

To be continued….

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