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Chapter 7


Its been a week after the whole Climpson’s family gathered to celebrate the man’s recovery, everything had returned to normal. Paul and Sarah had returned back to their initial abode, ‘the mansion Mr. Climpson had prepared for them after their honeymoon’.

Sarah watched Paul preparing himself for the trip he was going to from the bed she was sleeping on, she made a frown and feel a bit disappointed for the fact that he will be staying over two weeks, of course he’s the heir to ALLTIG C. INVESTMENT, a company named after the Climpsons’ and involve great and multibillionaire investors across the world.

He had to make the trip to China and meet with some of the members of the investment to finalize one of their multibillion project.

Paul buttoned up the last button on the suite he was putting on, he heaved a sigh and stare another glance at Sarah, noticing the frown before walking towards her on the bed. He placed a kiss on her cheek passionately but she turned her face towards another direction, still making the frown. “ you don’t have to do this honey, I thought we’ve discussed this a couple of days, I will be back sooner than that, I can assure its not even going to be up to that speculated time before I’m back” Paul said, turning Sarah direction to himself.

I’m just going to miss you so much that I wouldn’t be able to bear it” Sarah replied adamantly, making a face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back sooner and we’ll always talk on phone, Paul added, trying to convince her. He take a look at his wrist watch, I have to go now” he placed a kiss on her lips while they engage on the lock for few minutes before Paul broke the kiss and rushed towards the door after carrying the box he had kept the required documents for the trip while Sarah watch him leave.

She brought out her phone immediately the door closed and unlock it, she scrolled to a saved number displayed as J2, dialing it and placed the phone on her left ear. She waited few seconds before the call was answered.

“ Hello Jacob, I wish you don’t forget about the trip we are going today ? I called to remind you that. She said into the phone.
“ Sarah, I don’t think I’ll have time for that, I will be in a close meeting and would be busy throughout today, Mr. Climpson replied her almost immediately.

Sarah gave a wicked laughter which she made sure could be heard by him, she knew he knows what that means and doesn’t joke with her words. She wonder how the man sounded confidently even though she knew he was scared already from his words.

“ I’m not going to repeat myself Mr. Man, I just sent you the location one minutes ago, we should meet exactly by 5 pm at the closest restaurant to TOB’s suites. You and I have somewhere to go and I wouldn’t like it if I’m delayed a minute” She added angrily before ending the call.


GMT 5:20 pm

Sarah and Mr. Climpson sat in front seat of the jeep he had came with, the man was on a casual wear, a white sleeve and a dark blue trouser. Even though its was normal, he still look astonishing handsome, he had put on the wears on Sarah’s instruction incase they were seen together, the purpose was to clear off any suspicion and make it seem like they were going out to somewhere un-official.

Sarah was driving while the man was seated at the front, wondering where they were heading. He kept staring at Sarah who was quiet and kept a mean face ever since they entered the car, she hadn’t said a word aside the “ lets go” when they started the journey.

He heaved a sigh in frustration, she had been driving over 20 minutes and were out of town already, he glance another look at her again before speaking up.

“where are we heading to ? He turns to ask Sarah who didn’t flinch but only directed her gaze on the road. She knew he was wondering when they were going to and could understand his puzzled look, she turns towards another direction of the road later after 7 more minutes and headed towards the route that leads to an abandoned warehouse.

She turns towards one of the parked cars and alighted behind a red car, “we are here” she said, taking off her seat belt, ignoring the man’s question before opening the door. Mr. Climpson watch his environment and raised his brow In confusion. The whole place was dead silent and they were in a long distance to the new city they had entered a while ago.

She closed the door behind her and started walking towards the entrance, signifying for him to follow her. He heaved a sigh again before coming out of the car and followed her quickly.


Two men with heavy guns were on top of an abandoned car watching Sarah and Mr. Climpson coming, he’s feet shiver at first seeing the gunmen but tried his possible best not to show it when he saw how confident Sarah was.

He became more scared and shocked seeing them salute Sarah, while they walked pass them and proceed inside.

As they walked, he tried his best to stop the sound his shoe was making but he couldn’t, glancing another look at Sarah, he wondered how she was able to walk perfectly and silently without sound. They walked towards the other end of the warehouse and met 5 men standing behind a figure which seem like a human to him, covered with a black cloth.

“ How’d Kyra ? Its been long time” one of them said to Sarah who only nodded and look mean. “ lets proceed to business, is this the animal ? She asked immediately.

“yes it is” he replied without smiling, she walked towards one of the five men who immediately handed a weapon to her. She collected it and walked back beside Mr. Climpson, handling it to him, he was reluctant at first , wondering what was happening but collected it when he saw the wicked look on Sarah.

She signaled to one of the men who immediately un- covered the figure, turning out to be Stephen who squint at first to accommodate the light, the tape on his mouth was also removed but his hands and leg was tied. He was kidnapped 5 hours ago on his way to a friend’s place.

“ I swear you’ll regret this Sarah, Stephen said, making an attempt to stand but couldn’t due to the rope, one if the men moved to slapped him and covered his mouth with the tape again, he must have been brief about his certain fate. He glance a shocking look on his father, he tried to speak but his voice only came out as a murmur, he couldn’t be heard.

Mr. Climpson froze, fear gripped him, he stares at the men before him, he noticed they were all with a weapon and looked mean, he saw one of them slapping Stephen again when he tried to shout but he could not be heard due to the tape.

Sarah walked towards Mr. Climpson and cross her hands on his right shoulder, she made a faint smirk and a wary look before turning to face him well.

“ Jacob, she called his name passionately, I thought I had the situation under control but I was wrong, Stephen vow to reveal out the secret we’ve been keeping for years, he wanted to blackmail us and especially want to have sex with me, I know he’s doing this because he knows you aren’t his father. That is why I’ll be giving you an opportunity to kill him now if you want these secret to be kept safe, Sarah said without taking off her gaze on him.

The man looked up at Sarah, he was visibly shaking and his eyes were already wet, as if possessed, yes he heard Sarah, she’s telling him to kill the boy he had raised without knowing his mother, a boy that had taken serious argument and consideration from his wife before they had adopted him and now grown to love him like theirs, he stared at Stephen whose tears were also falling, he regretted not been sharp for letting Sarah keep him out of the deal.

Mr. Climpson shut his eyes for few seconds, he raised the gun and pull the trigger before Sarah who was known to be kyra could speak again.

To be continued..,……


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