The Likely DEVIL: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Mr Climpson shut his eyes for few seconds, he raised the gun and a shot followed before Kyra could speak again.

“Holy shit” !! She exclaimed and burst into laughter, Mr Climpson had not raised the gun and aimed at Stephen as speculated but on himself. She had been distracted by one of the boys who was trying to whisper something to her. The gunshot wasn’t from Mr Climpson either but from Z who was their leader.

Mr Climpson hand vibrated as the gun fell from him, he had made the attempt on himself instead of following Kyra’s instruction. Z immediately moved towards him angrily and landed him a blow that sent him down on the ground .

He walked towards the gun Mr Climpson held and picked it up while sarah watched amazingly. She couldn’t believe Mr Climpson just tried to take his own life instead of Stephens’.

She watched Stephen struggled, trying to make a movement but couldn’t, due to the rope he was tied with. She chuckled and glance at Mr Climpson.

“what a disappointment Jacob, I expect you to finish this up quick” she yelled out, walking slowly towards him whilst he was just recovering from the kick Z gave, with his hands still visibly shaking.

“look at you Jacob” Sarah said mockingly. She stopped walking and stared at him, she made a glance at his trembling hands and burst into laughter again.

”oh common ! You shouldn’t have done this, take a look at yourself, your shock, and your trembling hands, “why Jacob? Is it that difficult to do this?” she asked repeatedly. “This is the same hands you used to strangled my mother Jacob, this is the same hands you used when you shot my sisters, the Anabel’s, the hands you used to tore my mother’s pant and inject a chemical substance into her vaginal after making the hell out of her by raping her and watching her scratch it hot red till blood gush out while you watch with pleasure. As if not enough, you raped me Jacob, you toyed with my little breast, you killed all the prostitute assigned to give you fucking bastards pleasure”.

sarah yelled, her anger sure enough to Pierce the sky. “How many lives as this trembling hands taking? “she asked further, expecting no answer from him.

“fifty? Eighties? Seventy?, ninety? Or a hundred and twenty? Or more thousands?” “answer me you fucking bastard son of a bitch” she yelled, and gave him another blow that sent him straight on the floor again.
Stephen widened his brows in confusion, he stared at sarah and back at mr Climpson, is this all true was the question he could whisper. He actually didn’t believe it until mr Climpson spoke.

“It wasn’t my fault, I was drunk, we were drunk, the alcohol was having effect on us, we didn’t know how bad we did, we had no intention to kill or hurt anybody”

Mr Climpson said, splitting out the blood gushing out from his mouth, as a result of the blows.

“you fucking bastard”, sarah yelled angrily again and bounce on him surprisingly, she gave him blows with her fist severally while he laid on the dirty floor till blood rush out from him rapidly.

She didn’t restrict the blows until Z walk up to them and carry her off him,, he was almost dying.

“I wasn’t the only one involved in this kyra, why are you punishing me alone? ” He voiced out slowly, his face covered with his own blood.

Sarah struggled herself angrily out of Z’s hold but she couldn’t, he held her tight to himself, “any more attack on him could get him killed, that’s absolutely what he want kyra, calm yourself down”
Z shouted. He made sure she was a bit calm before releasing his hold on her.

“That’s because most of them had died you bastard, they got punished before I could get to them. The alive ones are no worthy than a living dead, they are alive but completely destroyed”. Sarah replied him angrily.

“You are the only fucking bastard living exotically and alive, people view you as a worthy person, some see you as a God fearing man but I’ll make sure those are taken from you completely, all you have worked for will be annihilated and taken away from you. I will make you completely worthless, I will kill everyone of your family and rip them off their dignities, I will make your life so worthless and you will have nothing to live for ever again”. Sarah voiced out, this time with more calmness.

She walked back towards Stephen who was tied down and removed the tape on his mouth, she tucked it away. “ I have a proposition for you Stephen” she said seductively watching his reaction. She wonder how men stupidly fall under her trap easily with her body.

“you initially wanted to clean off the parts of the Climpson’s, I know its your desires”. She stopped and glance back at Mr Climpson who was watching them. “ I’m giving you the chance to do that Stephen, we could both make our plans a successful one if we work together against them, what do you say?” she asked him affirmately, putting him to a test.

Stephen glance back at Mr Climpson who was covered in blood few metres away, then back at Sarah. He smiled faintly.

“Why should I do that kyra?” He asked, stressing her so called name.

Sarah made a smirk first at the silly question Stephen asked, she wasn’t ready for chill chat and that ofcourse Stephen doesn’t know her true self,he should be thankful she wasn’t just in the mood.

she turned back towards Mr Climpson too and at Z before speaking. “ I wonder what could be the reason why you determined to pay the climpson kindness towards you with hatred, you were so much thirsty for their fall and especially the death of their dear son”. Sarah added, looking at Jacob who was trying his best to stand up but the blows was still making the effect on him. He widened his face and stared at Stephen.

“ No no !! What are you planning to do?” don’t hurt Paul please, please I beg you” he pleaded sadly and weak.

“Don’t worry Jacob, you’ll definitely be the one to kill him yourself” sarah replied him mockingly, she took few steps closely towards Z and collect one out of the gun he was holding, she turned back at Stephen and cock the gun sharply.

“I’m definitely not ought to be grateful to the Climpsons’” Stephen voiced out hurriedly.

“Hmm ! And why is that? Sarah asked impatiently, pointing the gun at him.

“Because I’ve been betrayed and hindered against justice and what’s rightfully mine’ he answered almost immediately , looking at Mr Climpson who had successfully stand on his feet.

“That is it, kyra buttress, staring at him, “how precisely were you betrayed?” Sarah asked again, still pointing the gun at him, her finger few inches away from pulling the trigger . He stared at mr Climpson the second time and return his gaze back to Sarah before speaking again.

“Mr Climpson denied me of my birthright and claimed I was adopted out to the world” he replied Kyra who wanted more explanation from her looks.

“Mr Climpson here is my father, my biological father” Stephen uttered audibly.

Sarah directed her gaze back on Mr Climpson first and back at Stephen again. She chuckled and stared at Mr Climpson.

“Is that true Jacob?” she asked confidently.

“ofcourse not, I helped an helpless woman who was almost dying and about to give birth by carrying her to an hospital. She gave birth and left the child with a note that the hospital can do whichever they want with i”t. He replied, glancing at Kyra and back on Stephen, confused about Stephen accusations.

“I will never forgive your wife from taking what is rightfully mine completely. She’s behind this set up whole thing and I’m going to make sure she pay dearly for it” Stephen shouted angrily.

“stephen, enough of your bullshit” kyra shouted, interrupting Mr Climpson. “Are you with me or against me?” Sarah asked, turning her gaze back to him.

“ I’m in” Stephen replied instantly while sarah made a smirk and glance another look at Mr Climpson. “change of plans guys” she voiced aloud. “when do we get the payment kyra” Z asked interruptedly.

“Mr Climpson here is going to pay you Z”,. “or aren’t you Jacob?” she asked.

3 hours later

Sarah drove gently and alighted the car after making sure the car was properly fit to be parked, she flashed her teeth at Mr Climpson and smiled faintly. The man had his shirt changed already and had a quick wash up, his wound had been treated likewise but some part of his face was still swollen, he swallowed hard and glance at the mansion entrance, he could see his wife coming out and closing the door behind her. So many things occupied his mind, how he wish he had listened to his late father then, he regretted all of his past deeds that has all come to haunt him.

He made a glance at Sarah who was doing something on her phone , he opened the car door and stepped out gently before his wife could walk up to them.

“hi sweetheart” his wife uttered, trying to hug him but he didn’t respond quickly than expected. She raised her brow and stared at her husband face, noticing the swollen part and exclaimed out loudly.

“Oh my God, what happened?” she asked loudly, staring at the swollen part and at her husband who was yet to answer her question. Sarah came out of the car and walk up to them when she noticed Mr Climpson had not probably think of the possible answer to give.

“We were attacked mum, by armed robbers, thank God we are safe” she added with tears before Mrs Climpson could ask by who. “What” !! She exclaimed, “armed what?” Oh my goodness, where? Mrs Climpson asked fearfully, making a glance at sarah who was unwounded and back at her husband. She tried to touch the swollen face of her husband but he winse in pain and draw his head back a bit, still waiting for an answer.

“let’s just thank God we are safe honey, I could have made things worse if Sarah had been touched or wounded” Mr Climpson replied faintly.

“you were attacked at where?” Mrs Climpson asked again and continue before Sarah could speak. “We were attacked on our way to visit an old friend who I hook up with few days ago and”

“An old friend you hook up with days ago and I don’t know about him or her?” Mrs Climpson asked interruptedly.

“When did you start hiding things away from me Jacob?” she asked again and continued, “an old friend of yours?” she repeated the third time without giving him the chance to answer.

“Your car was seen out of town today and I wonder what business you have outside this city when you told me of your schedule to meet with some of your co-partners only and return back home”. She said and stared at her husband, hoping to get more explanation.

She had been noticing his behaviors days ago and doesn’t seem to understand him anymore, he avoid things and doesn’t answer most of her questions each time she see he looked worried.

Sarah was standing few metres away and watching the two couple, she stared keenly at Mrs Climpson, trying to get things from her reaction, within seconds, several things opt in her mind. She noticed Mr Climpson lips was already moving but she didn’t listened, her mind had a brief flashback to what Stephen claimed. She thought of the possibility if Mrs Climpson could be dubious or could be danger.

“How come she knew about Mr Climpson been out of town when she was out of the country herself and ought to return that evening? Does it mean she had someone watching him or they were just ordinarily seen by someone who know them and inform her?” the questions pop in her mind. “What does Stephen meant by claiming he was not an adopted child of the Climpson’s but the direct child of Mr Climpson? And what does he meant by claiming its was all the whole plan of Mrs Climpson?” she thought to herself and promise to find out about her. The call through a wave to her by Mr Climpson brought back her attention.

“You can see she’s probably shocked too, it was I who insisted she follows me despite her resistance, I want her responsible for the growth of ALLTIG firm, this family too and not only as a wife” Mr Climpson said, staring at Sarah few seconds before returning his gaze back on his wife. “Just help me apologize to her for making her go through such incident even though I was the one who received the whole beating” he added.

To be continued…


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