Chapter 9


“Do you ever try of finding her?”

“I did but all efforts seemed futile, I gave up after so many attempts that proves to nothing”

“Have you visited the hospital likewise?”

“Which hospital?”

“The hospital Mr Climpson took her to”

“I was there only once, and that was when Mr Climpson and I went to visit one of the doctors, that was how he got to tell me I was born there”

“What is the name of the hospital?”

Stephen paused to think for a moment, he walked back to have a seat, trying to remember the name of the hospital Mr Climpson took the woman he claimed gave birth to him. He scratch his hair with his fingers in frustration when he found it difficult to remember the name of the hospital.

“I think its Cra…. I don’t seem to remember but I know its first alphabet is Cra”

“Its okay, but do you know its location?”

“Yes I do, I can remember that, its just the name I’ve forgotten”

“That’s no problem, do you know the name of the doctor you and him went to visit?”

“Yes, i can remember she was referred to Doctor kaith”

“That’s good, I need to confirm it myself”

“all I’ve said are all but the truth Kyra, believe me, Mrs Climpson is a devil, evil and an hypocrite, she’s behind the whole thing”

“why haven’t you done anything about it? and since when did you know about this?” Sarah asked repeatedly.

“I get to find out the truth a while ago, and I’m gonna make sure she gets punished for this” Stephen voice out.

“why are you this determined to do this despite the love she showed towards you, this woman never allowed you lack anything, why are you obsessed in destroying her dignity and reputation”
sarah pointed ou, her hands raised in confusion.

“don’t you get it? I’m denied my birth right, don’t you get it? she’s responsible for my mother’s death, she showed love because she thought I know nothing about it. You talk of dignity she lacked, she painted my momma real bad and I’m gonna make sure she pay dearly for it”

“Then let’s get down to business” Sarah added, smiling confidently.


“You won’t be going with me, I’m driving” Mr. Climpson answered his curious driver, dressed in black suite and carrying a briefcase, he walked towards the hummer jeep and opened the door, he entered and closed it back swiftly.

He kick the engine into life, change the gears and drove out from the mansion. He drove past different cars and increased his speed, over taking cars in front of him angrily, not minding the horns and the rate of his speed.

“What do I do? this is unbearable and my past has all come to fall my family apart, damn so bad, after all I did cleared all the traces behind, this is bad bad bad’ he shouted repeatedly suddenly and slammed his fist on the wheel and hit the brake same time. The car stopped with screeching of its tires, the car coming behind almost hit him but its turned immediately towards another direction, preventing the accident.

“How I’ve I put myself under the trap of this evil girl? I should have cleared her off the way completely” he shouted with regret, full regret for the rest of his life. He brought out his phone and swiped it open after few seconds, he scrolled down his contact and dialed Paul.

“Hello Dad” his son elongated tone sounded on the phone. “how are you son?”

“I’m fine dad, I was about to call when yours came through. I just spoke with Sarah, she told me you were both attacked by armed men, how did it happened? who are those men?”

“hap, yes son we were attacked, its happened unexpectedly, thank goodness we are safe” he replied, taking his breath.

“is everything all right Dad?”

“Yes son” he answered and sniff. “everything is okay”

“But are you sure you’re okay? I do sense something amiss in your voice, is mum and everybody alright?”

“Yes they are son, I just feel a bit tired today, that’s all”

“oh surely Dad, you sure need to rest, especially with the state of your health”

“Yes son, but I’m getting enough rest, I’m I not?”

“If you’re resting enough, why should you feel weak as early as this? I suggest you call for another medical check-up”

“Oh, I’m I’m fine son, maybe its exercise I need in actual sense than this boring moment caused by my retirement. Anyway I actually called to ask you about the meeting you went for, how is it son?”

“its going well dad, thanks to your influence”

“oh that’s alright then,I’m happy to hear that from you and I’m glad to inform you I’ll be joining you there soon”

“what !! for what Dad? I’ll be returning tomorrow” Paul asked in confusion

“Listen up son” he said and paused for a moment, a moment he wish he could tell his son everything, the moment he could change everything and face his fears, the moment he could reveal all of his past shames out to the world and get punished for it, the moment he could make things right and let the influence, reputation and the name he built all this years quench and destroyed, the moment he could reveal the evil he allowed his son married and get all his family punished and left in shame for the rest of their lives.

“hello Dad, speak up, I’m listening”

Mr Climpson heaved a sigh and stared forward, there were different horns at him from different people who cursed out wondering why he was right in the middle of the road, some even smashed his car in anger. He ignored them and drive carefully away while he receive curses from some motorist and stares from those who said nothing.

“Dad, are you there? Dad, Dad, Dad”

“I’m here son, listen up, I heard some Russian business men are coming to put you for a challenge, you can’t stand them alone, I’ll be coming to offer whatever I could do to help”

“where are this business men and who told you about this Dad?”

“Doesn’t matter, these business men are wanted smugglers and most wanted terrorist, they heard about our plans of investment in Russia and are on the move to desrupt it”

“I can handle this Dad, you should stay over, its isn’t my first”

“This is different to whatever it is you’ve handled Paul, right now we are dealing with dangerous men, you have to stay there for now till we are sure the men are no threat, I’ll be joining you tomorrow”

“But Dad I”….. “Listen up son and don’t say any but, we need to make sure those men are completely out of our way else we are working on a lost cause”

“why don’t we inform the cops about it then”

“stop talking like a kiddo son, they have the cops controlled at the snap of their fingers, this is business son and could be more dangerous than you expect at times, I’ll arrive without notice tomorrow, you should prepared to pick me up at the airport, they must not know about my arrival”

“This is completely change of my plans,anyways its alright Dad”

“Good, see you tomorrow” Mr Climpson added and end the call, he heaved a sigh after the call, he had to keep Paul away from danger and never let him return for now, especially back to the devil he called wife.

He opened the dashboard of the car and brought out a new tablet device, he opened the back cover and insert the sim card placed beside the tablet before switching it on. He scrolled down the contacts and dialed the contact displayed as Ghost. He hated the idea but he had to do this, he had to completely finish up all traces.

“The last time I checked, we parted on bad terms Jacob, what is it you want?”

“That is not a good way to greet an old friend Ghost”

“I aren’t friend of yours Jacob, we parted when you made your choice, say the crap you wanna say and lets get over with, I’m getting impatient.

“Yes I assumed we did, I’m a business man Ghost, you of all people should understand that, whatever happens was all in the past, lets the past go”

“I’m aren’t talking shits with you menh, what do you want?”

“I need you to clear off some shit for me”

“And why should I do that for you? listen up man, I have nothing to do with your fucking shits and its none of my business, I can’t help you, are you done?”

Mr Climpson heaved a sigh, he had expected this the moment he decided to contact Ghost, his working partner he left on a really bad term. “Listen up man, I found Kyra” he said and immediately felt the surge that went through Ghost

“Who the hell is Kyra and what’s my goddamn business with that” he shouted angrily, sounding confidently even though something surge through him instantly.

“She’s the heir to the number one of the Annabel”

“Anna what” Ghost exclaimed while Mr Climpson smiled, now rest assured he’ll succumb.

“I thought all the Annabel’s were annihilated years ago”

“They aren’t, Kyra has raised up the Annabel’s again, she’s already a wounded Lion”

“why are you still alive to tell me this then? you ought to be dead by now” Ghost made a smirk.

“Leave that to another day, what are we going to do?” Mr Climpson asked.

“Leave that to me, she’s already a living dead” Ghost answered.


I found out something interesting about your daughter in law” Johnny said before taking a sip from his drinks after Mrs Climpson sat down opposite him.

“hmm, and what’s that exactly Johnny?”

“You might find it difficult to believe all because its unbelievable”

“Nothing is impossible to do on this planet Johnny, we are humans after all”

“Altight then” he said and brought out some pictures from an envelope, he stretched it forward for her to take and sip from his drinks.

“That is Sarah 8 years ago, I found out her true name is Kyra and that she’s a prostitute”

“What” !! she shouted in shock and stared at him in confusion, “I suggest you keep checking the pictures out, I already said you might find it unbelievable. I investigate deeply and get to know she’s a member to an Occultic known as Annabel’s, they work under the disguise of been a prostitute to eliminate”

“But that’s not possible, Paul met her a virgin” she exclaimed.

Johnny watch her and smiled. “What do you mean Occultic?” she asked.

“Yes, they are secret prostitute trained to kill politicians or wealthy business men, believe me or not, I don’t make mistakes Mrs Climpson, I found out something more intriguing about your husband”

“Huh” she looked up at him and dropped the pictures she was holding, exactly what she feared, getting to know her husband had secrets kept away from her. “where exactly do I start from?” he asked, bringing her back from her thoughts.

“Anywhere”Mrs Climpson answered with full concentration, Johnny heaved a sigh and stared at her few seconds before speaking. “Your husband has some deep shit of secrets that can quench the Climpsons if revealed out, I mean hell of deep shit of secrets, I met an old friend days ago and I learnt from him he was involve in some kinda trouble with your daughter in law and your son Stephen”

“what do you mean trouble?”

“He told me their boss gave them orders to kidnap a young man who turned out to be Stephen, he sensed they were going to eliminate him until Sarah and Mr Climpson showed up, shits happened and Stephen was released”

“Kidnapped who? what the hell are you saying?”

“He doesn’t seem to know likewise but I think there’s more to the issue than what meets the eyes, Mrs Climpson I’m not sure if you’re gonna believe me if I tell you this”

“What’s that?” she asked with fear to hear more.

“Mr Climpson is a wanted criminal, name it, assassination, rapist, drug and cocaine lord, robbery, smuggling, deals in illegal arm deal, belongs to an Occultic group and all set of shit”

Mrs Climpson looked shocked and stared at him in bewilderment, she obviously did not believe what she heard and she clearly make it shown on her face for him to know.

“I can see you don’t believe me madam”

“of course I don’t, I only told you to find out about my daughter in law and here you are couping up things about my husband I’ve lived with more than 30 years if I’m precised. I gave you this job Johnny because I thought you’re capable of doing this perfectly, guess I’m wrong”

“well madam, I’m sorry if I trespass a bit, I did thought you’ll be interested in that” he said flashing his teeth before resting fully back on the chair he sat on and continued.

“Sarah is known as Kyra, she changed her identity 8 years ago and she belong to a group called Annabel’s, I discovered that the Annabel’s were killed by another rivalry Occultic members and she was the only survivor, I strongly believe her becoming family of the Climpson’s has something to do with Mr Climpson”

“how do you mean?”

“Mr Climpson was a member of the rivalry Occultic that killed the Annabel’s which I believe she wants to avenge their death”

“what’s all the pranks you’re couping up Johnny?”

“I’m not madam, this are all but the truth”

“get me clear evidence of this and make me believe all this bullshit you said” she shouted.

“The Annabel’s has a mark right on their shoulder among all tattoos, it is expected for any members to have this mark, take a look at the pictures, the mark are all displayed right on their shoulders”

“what if this isn’t on Sarah’s shoulder?”

“it is Mrs Climpson, its their Occultic tatoo, confirm when you get to see her yourself”

“what about Stephen?” she asked.

“what about him madam?” he asked instead.

“what do you find out about him?”

“nothing other than what an old friend told me, you see there are lots of shits secrets crawling around the Climpson’s”

“like what?”

“like all I’ve told you madam” he replied smiling.

“what do you know about him and why was he kidnapped?

I’m afraid i don’t know about that madam”

“well, I want to know, ensure you find out Johnny” she smiled and stand up immediately,

“full payment will be sent when I get all I want , you have few hours Johnny” she whispered and walked out of the restaurant .

“I want Johnny dead in five hours, he knows too much” she said to a man walking closely behind her.

To be continued



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