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People say the Devil, known as Lucifer the Morning Star was created with Fire and Precious Stones, he was sent out from Heaven, the Holy Tabernacle and the dwelling place of the most high God out of his sinful heart. He descends on Earth For Decades and Centuries as Ruler of the world, enthroning his Princes as Kings and Lords. Then the question is “WHERE IS THE DEVIL”? The answer to that absolutely is he dwells among us, we bread with him, he talks to us everyday, he rules the heart, for he is not the ugly being people tamed him to be…

Paul in this theory encounter a woman, a virgin who he loved with all his heart, his life, and soul, but the virgin he knew turns out to be something that destroyed him and his love for many.

A piece you shouldn’t miss……….

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Ireti Adedipe
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