Chapter 2

Denis Dickson and his friend laughed as they walked home, Henry Simon, his best friend had told another joke about today’s match, Timi Christian had bought them a bottle of coke each which they sipped as they walked. The three of them are students of Apex college, today’s match had been favorable for their school team (AFC) with all kudos to Denis.

During the first half, AFC had played clumsily earning their opponent riding star football team 2 easy goals. Earlier on, Denis had begged his coach, Mr. Jones to put him in the girst squared of the team, but the coach had refused owing to the fact that he’s a new student. After much pleading, he had been allowed to enter the match In the second match when the count was 3-1 with his team scoring only a single goal. But miraculously has Henry said it, Denis won an hat rick and assisted another goal, making AFC win the league.

After been congratulated by many people, he and his friend started making their way home. Presently, they were on the way to retrieve their bicycle from an uncompleted building where they had been kept during the match.

“That’s was the greatest performance from our team of all times, Henry said, I wish you guys could see the look on rising Star captain when we equalize them. Its was like he had been slapped by ghost, he added, while they laugh at the comment.

“They should have changed their strategies” Timi remarked, had they used formation 5-4-1 with full defense, they would have had a chance.

‘ Yeah, but their coach was busy shouting and barking like a rabid dog, Henry added, taking the last gulp from his coke. He’s moustache was shaking like he was eating hot yam and his bald head was reflecting sunlight into everyone’s face. They all laughed again, Henry surely had his way of making people laughs, he is a funny guy to the core, and could tell a lot of jokes. Timi on the other hand was the most intelligent among them, he could recite the whole periodic table with no mistakes and read the most boring books which others doesn’t see as fun.

As they approach the building, three rising star student rushed at them from the front, two were coming from their back, and one blocked their way on each sides. Instantly, Denis knew they are in for trouble, he had heard rumors that rising star students were mostly thugs and which he believed now. Each of the guys were well built and physically fit with their muscular body reflecting, he suddenly wished he had took his morning exercise more seriously, the guys confronting them had muscles that should belong to a wrestler but he had no fear of them.

Timi who was the tallest and quickest ran to the left before the brutes could close in on him, two of the guys chased him but he was quick and evaded them without difficulty. For now Denis and Henry were trapped as the guys formed a loose circle around them.
“Denis Dickson!” the one who seemed to be the leader pronounced, showing brownest set of teeth he had ever seen. He is clearly a defender that had been dribbled severely by Denis.
“You are cowards” Henry said “why didn’t you confront us on the-“
Pa! Paa!! Two slaps hit his face from behind interrupting his speech. He fell to the ground groaning. “Learn to keep your foolish mouth shut” the leader said. “As for you.” The leader was about to slap Denis who had dropped his school bag. He caught the arm mid- swing with two of his hands and jerked it downward, he crouched and twisted the arm as he had practiced during Yoga.

The guy stumbled in wide summersault before hitting the ground with a thud, the others charged at Denis with clenched fist, he dodge two powerful blows before kicking one of the guys groin. Another blow connected with his back and sent him sailing forward, losing his balance, he tackled one guy to the ground as he was about to fall, he smacked the guy’s nose with his elbow, while blood ooze as the guy winced in pain. He turned around, a blow missed his face by few inches as his attacker try to hit him stumbled and fell. He loom down to see Henry holding one of the guys ankle with a silly grin on his face which was now red from the slaps he had received.

The leader of the thugs was already on his feet with three other guys, Denis tried to kick balance himself tactically when he heard gunshot followed by police sirens wailing from distance. This is bad luck ! The sirens seems to be coming from the path to his house. Everyone fled out of fear but he wanted to see what was happening. Henry rushed back towards the school while the thugs ran into the bush.

Denis ran into the uncompleted building where their bicycles were parked, he had left his bag on the floor during the pandemonium. He wished he had picked it, what if that bag had already sealed his fate. Maybe the police aren’t coming for him after all they are shooting and he wasn’t. He wasn’t particularly afraid of them with all he had faced in Military school. As a matter of fact, he is good at shooting than most soldiers. But without a gun, he is vulnerable and he isn’t ready to die. The shooting sounded more close, he knew police rarely shoot. What could have provoked them to start shooting? Whatever it is, he had a feeling that things won’t go well today. He heard footsteps coming in his direction so he quickly took cover beside a window. Another shot was fired, he heard someone grunt then something metal clattered to the floor.

He was about to peek when to simultaneous shots were fired towards him. One hit the wall in the other side of the room, the other bursts a block close to him off the window. He quickly crawled to the other side of the room. He was almost out when two guys jumped into the room through the window.


One of the guys was clutching a pistol had an injury on a shoulder while the other who had no wounds carried a box. A bullet nearly hit the injured guy’s wrist but fortunately, the bullet hit the gun he held. Making a loud noise, the gun flew off his hand and landed right beside Denis. The guy fell to the floor panting, clutching his injured shoulder.

“Damn!” the other guy muttered, the voice sound familiar, the guy looked In his direction and they both rose. This is unbelievable, he was looking into the eyes of Douglas, his elder brother, who was supposed to be on campus. How did he fall into the category of those been chased by police ? Its seems unlikely that he had joined cult gang.

Of the three children in the Dickson’s family, Douglas is by far more gentle, had it been Diana his twin sister, Denis wouldn’t have been shocked. His father always described Diana as the “black cow” of the family apart from been a bully at school, she was wayward and stubborn. Denis and Douglas were the opposite of Diana, but he is, Douglas whom his father always praised running away as police men tried to catch him, maybe the police were mistaken or Douglas was a criminal.

“ Denis!” Douglas whispered loudly, get out of here now. Denis had already forget about the police men whose footstep can be heard outside, of course he had to escape but he couldn’t leave his brother.

“What are you doing here ?” Denis asked
“I said get out of here” his brother repeated.
“What about you ?” He asked. I will be fine, Douglas replied.
“Let the boy wait” the injured guy said. “He could help distract the police men.”
“No!” Douglas said firmly.

“So ?” the guy asked
“We will surrender”
“Excuse me?”, the guy asked, sitting up
“We will surrender”
“This mission has – “
“No time!” Douglas interrupted “ Denis get out of here !! Wait !! Take the pistol with you”
Denis hesitated, what are they talking about?
“Now!!!!” Douglas yelled at him. Denis knew that yell explains distress and urgency of the situation. He quickly grab the gun and retreated to the next room.

To be continued……

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