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Denis’s heart was racing as he crouched behind the doorway. Although his brother had warned him to run away, he knew he couldn’t. He could at least help Douglas escape by keeping the policemen busy. Of course this is what he had been trained to do at Military School -his former school. But he felt guilty because he would be arming innocent people. A voice in his mind told him to run but he hesitated… he had to do this…

He peeped into the room he had just left. A police was pointing his gun at Douglas and his injured friend who were both raising their hands in surrender. Another was bringing out an handcuff, no one seemed to notice him or look in his direction which is good.

As silent as he could, he crept out of cover and fired two consecutive shots. One bullet thumped into the helmet of the police pointing his gun at his brother making the man drop the gun and fall to the floor loosing consciousness. While the other caught the right wrist of the one holding the handcuff who yelped as he dropped the it with a stupefied look on his face. Before Mr. Stupefied-Police knew what was happening, Denis hit him with the butt of his pistol making him unconscious.

Denis was glad he hadn’t got anyone killed- most especially the policemen since they weren’t after his brother’s life. Douglas will have to give him a full account of how he stirred the bee’s hive.

His eyes met with those of his brother and he shrugged. He looked stunned, guilty, worried, afraid and glad- all at the same time. Denis tried to smile and act casual but his smile made his big bro frown. They remained awkwardly silent for a while. Douglas injured friend grabbed the guns of the unconscious policemen.

“Did you see that?” the injured guy asked. Breaking the silence as he gave Douglas a pistol. The silence had been uncomfortable for him but Denis had no answer to the question. “See we can’t just keep looking. There are two more coming.”

He had barely finished talking when Douglas interrupted. “Watch out!!!” he screamed. His eyes met with his brother’s again within a split second. This time they were filled with fear looking at something behind him. Without thinking, he jumped to the left side of the door way. A gun was fired, missing his right hand narrowly. He turned to see a rifle poking at him out of the doorway. He kicked at it with all his might before the police could shoot again. He fell down as pain seared his feet.

“Ouch!” he cried as his head hit the floor with a thud. He had forgotten he wasn’t wearing a boot, his school sandal now had a huge dent. Good news; the police gun had flown off his hand and he had tumbled into the other one. Bad news; Douglas and his friend were shooting desperately at the police but their guns just gave a nasty click. It seems they are out of bullets. Fortunately, the rifle landed beside Douglas’s injured friend who threw his gun at the police and picked the other gun. The gun made a cracking sound as it hit the head of a police who fell unconscious instantly. The other police dropped his gun and raised his and in surrender.

“A-aabeg. P- ppl- please don’t kill me. Please!” he stammered.
“Get down on your knees!” Douglas’s friend shouted, the man complied. He hit the police head with the butt of the rifle who also lost consciousness. “What is today? Lose-consciousness-day eh!”
“Charles!” Douglas said in a warning tone. Denis stood up and glared at them. He new Charles is Douglas best friend in campus but they had never met in person.
“Nice to meet you Denis.” Charles said awkwardly holding his hand out for a shake. Denis fixed him with a cold stare partly from the pain throbbing in his leg and partly from hatred and disgust. His brother had never liked trouble, it was Charles who had first introduce him to a illegal stuff like blog hacking, making of fake IDs and so on. He must have been the one who influenced him to do something that provoked police men. Especially as he was acting like it was his birthday and not a police-hide-and-seek-day.

“ What did you do to him ?” Denis asked angrily, who Charles asked, clearly taken back by the question. “ what did you do to Douglas ?” yelled at him

“ what did I do to Douglas ?” Charles repeated and busted into laughter while Denis only stares in anger.

“ You know what Denis, “ he said after regaining his composure, “I was once innocent, just like you but Douglas introduce me to this strange group and this is what I am now….”

“shut up!” Douglas yelled. Denis was surprised while Douglas was looking at him shaking his head.

“what” ? Denis asked, is that true ?” Denis found himself shouting.

Hey !! Douglas said, you have to understand-
Understand what !! Denis yelled, his anger melting into fear and despair as tears welled in his eyes.

Douglas just stared at him numbly, he ran out of the room to where he had parked his bicycle. Timi bicycle was missing, he must have rode away when the thugs chased him.

Douglas entered and started pushing his bike towards the entrance.

“Wait ! “ he said calmly, trying to touch him “ don’t get mad at me, its not like you see it. I’m just

Get your evil hands off me, Denis yelled.

Douglas opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but no words came.

“ the boy need a break” Charles muttered, appearing behind Douglas, “lets clear the traces and get out of here.

Denis pushed his bicycle out of the room and started peddling, he tried not to cry but failed miserably. Although he had no evidence, he knew Douglas is a killer or something close to that. He had just helped a criminal go scout free.

He wiped his face with the back of his hands and manage to keep his bicycle steady as he picked his bag. Someone called his name but didn’t bother looking back, as he rode home.

To be continued….
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