Simply could be a persistent determination to adhere to a plan of direction or continuing in a course of action. Being consistent, being persistent… we are discussing this topic today to clear and help especially broken relationships and marriage.


How then do we relate this or how do they relate ? Many people has failed in every of their attempt to have a long relationship with someone they love but eventually ended up not been so good. Let me share one of my uncle experience with you, he was captured by Love, gave all he had, they both love each other but eventually broke after a decade per say, its was most painful for me and our entire family ‘cos’ we were all happy for them. They were both compatible, everything was good and bright but eventually ended up not been together. Likewise millions of people out there in the world. And then I sat down to figure out one major reason aside other circumstances while marriage and relationship ended up not so good.

Everybody has different traits and different ways of been brought up in a home, some may like having a plain noodles without sauce while some actually like the sauce and cannot eat noodles without it. How then do we persist and live peacefully despite this differences ?

Most relationship end due to having not perseverance. Take a look at the picture below :


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Many relationship falls short because of not having perseverance, take for example: have you ever wonder how you bought a new phone today from the biggest phone Enterprise in your country, lets say the latest in town which many don’t have yet. How happy will you extremely be ? Of course you will be glad… but after weeks turning to month, gradually you get tired of the device due to the facts that you’ve operated all of its content and nothing seem new any longer, even having heard about another latest version which you will want to purchase again and again get tired of later….

Perseverance is a unique ability to whoever has it, just like I’ve explained above, we get tired of each other like the way we get tired of our mobile phones all because we’ve operated all of its contents and want another one later. We end up having going through several relationship and marriage because we aren’t contented about our other partners, we failed to live and accept their differences and traits while we compare and contrast others with them.

This has killed so many relationship and marriage, before you become partners, everything seems unique, the style at which he\she eats, the way he\she dress, the way he\she talks, the way he\she view things e.t.c is important and unique that very moment. But over time, we get used to them and start getting tired like we get tired of our mobile device. That is, they aren’t interesting anymore because we’ve getting used to them.

How to being perseverance

There are several discussions on different sites, blogs and internet on varies method to preserve relationships and marriage, most of this teachings are wrong and could damage our emotional life. Imagine a site saying “you should be grateful to those who choose to love you among many”.

Absolutely wrong, ‘love isn’t like a master who gives his servant grapefruit and wants to be thanked every minutes’ love is a powerful connection between two magnificent heart. You shouldn’t be thankful for someone loving you, yes you can appreciate the effort they went through to show their undefined love but it’s shouldn’t never make you a slave and insecure to thank the other partner always just to make your marriage\relationship stands out.
Over time, we compare our partner to someone else, and which is why we can never be satisfied with them, understanding that no one is perfect, everyone has a weakness, the comparison comes most of times out of been used to, (you can never get tired of something that’s is of interest to you) we are used to everything they believe and that of their daily activities, thus we get Tired gradually

How then do we persist in our relationships and marriage ?

1) Having patience

Patience is a powerful key among many, having a misunderstanding in a relationship\marriage is unavoidable because of our different traits and believes, don’t make decisions when angry or when extremely happy. The way your partner eats or dress may be quite different to yours which you might dislike, be vibrant but ensure to exercise patience in all things.

2) Understanding that your partner has a weakness:

No one is perfect, we all have a weakness, every body lives with different flaws, the way your partner laughs publicly might be irritating to you, or the way he\she view or talk about things might get you annoyed, probably the way he\she eats. Wait !!! I said that’s may be their weakness, try and tell them how you feel…. You’ve told them, Yet no changes ? Understand that is a weakness, people tends to overcome weaknesses verily and differently. Stay close with them if you really love them and they love you back. Remember number 1 point.

3) Take them for who they are:

Talking about this, many fail to understand or realize what its meant by taking your partner for who they are. Taking her\he for whom they are doesn’t mean they are into illegal activities or robbery, or something that doesn’t correspond with the Law and you accept to take them like that. But sit and think about the personality of who you wants to marry, associate or “date’ before making the final decision. does it conform or go against yours ? Then accept them the way they are, they might not have a good family background or they might not be sound in a good standard education. Remember number 2 point.

4) Persistent:

Obstinately refuse to give up, don’t back out, remember the key…. Be vibrant but never give up, don’t relent. Yes love may be compelling or complicated at times, that’s is one powerful reason you should compare your personality with that of your partner but not been blinded by love before you approach or agree to date or marry them. Remember 1 & 2 point.

5) Starting over:

Starting over doesn’t mean you end the relationship or marriage in another attempt to start over with someone else. What is an assurance that who you end up with next will be better of than the previous one ? Starting over comes from your heart, digest and put into practice all of the above points. Your partner cannot be over all interesting always, we are all humans that at times get sick, bored, feel dejected, and sad. Stick to them, “when you feel you’re tired of them” be calm, there were times you always want to be around them.

Exercise full patience, understand that they have a weakness, take them for who they are, be persistent, and strive to start over again… remember how you get tired of your mobile phones !!! Reason because you are used to the whole content.

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