Who the hell are you and what and where is this place? (He ask repeatedly) Lincoln stands up dusting away the dirt on his cloth, he look around himself, confuse and wondering where he is, the place was dark and shallow, none of his guard or soldiers were with him, steadily he could see a figure appearing afar, he couldn’t fathom if it’s a woman or a man but he hope to know as the figure walk slowly towards his direction.

Who are you? (He ask again) the figure was now closely standing opposite him (he is a tall huge muscular man) I am yourself Lincoln (the stranger replied) I am Death, the three people behind me which you are yet to see are Evil, Pain, and Love ( Lincoln look behind as three others appear behind the stranger)
Lincoln- who are you and how do I get here? (He ask the third time sounding confident and not scared even without his soldiers)
Stranger- I see you seem not scared, you should be Lincoln ( the three other people was now closer towards them, none of them was smiling but with a rigid face, they all look alike except one who was on a different attire with Love labelled on his cloth) we are the realm of your soul and its high time to reap what you sown. We are giving orders to give you pains you never can endure, your property, family and possessions are to be destroyed without remorse, your powers cannot save you neither can your soldiers because you are out of love now…

Lincoln- who are the hell are you people and what you saying?
Stranger- we are assigned to punish you severely for every soul you’ve killed, every act of atrocities you committed, to give you eternal pains (he said with a roar, walking fast towards him as Lincoln in turns move and staggered backward) he has never been so scared like that, he could feel the depth of the words as it echoes severally without stopping, almost disrupting his ear drum. They were now walking fast towards him, except the one labelled Love who was staying behind.

The surge of fear crept his soul, for the first time, he felt all scared and lost like a child twinkled in the wilderness, he was walking backwardly without knowing he was at the depth of a cliff. He could feel a severed heat as he moves slowly, the heat was becoming much as he look around (he gasp for breath, as air failed him, hold himself and fall on his knees due to the heated pain, he couldn’t breath, now he realize they were in the middle of fire) where is this place? (He ask painfully as the heat was now fierce, all his life, he has learn to endure pain through training but this was inevitable for him) he winced in pain as he try to move forward but the strangers were closely now, he wish he could be relive of the abject pains that moment.

You are in the bottomless pit of hell, beneath the world of the living ( they chorus with a great roar) you choose not to redeem yourself with the love of redemption, all you give is Death, wickedness, evil and pain without remorse. We are one, we are your soul, we own your path, welcome to the realm of eternal suffering and pains followers of death (They chorus altogether) Lincoln began hearing different screams and cries of pain, the voices were becoming louder, Lincoln began weeping like a kid under the myth and mystery of bitterness, severe pains and darkness..

To be continued…….
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