The closed gate of the compound opened forcefully within seconds, soldiers immediately entered, fully armed and ready to shoot, the whole building had been surrounded under strict orders to fire anyone whatsoever.
Reuben who was resting on one of the sofas of the sitting room ran to see what was happening immediately he heard the loud bang, he was surprised to see guns pointed at him with soldiers surrounding his home. What is happening here? (He ask, meeting the angry stares of Lincoln, who seems to be their leader) its still hard to believe you of all people could do this to me (said Lincoln, ignoring Reuben question) do what to you? I don’t understand (Reuben added) cut me off that crap soldier, your cover has blown, you are the master mind behind this. What do you hope to achieve by killing my son? It’s now beginning to make sense.

Reuben- what !! (He exclaimed) master mind behind what? Killing your son (he smiles) now I know the people behind this are trying to get me out of the way first by separating us. Damn it, for God’s sake what do I want to achieve killing your son Lincoln? Don’t you get it
Lincoln- fuck you and your damn God, the guns used for the murder attempt belongs to you, I never believed it until the bullet used was speculated in the lab, you and I know nobody can access them except you. (Lincoln’s phone began to ring, while he ignored the call)
Reuben- yes some guns were missing at the store weeks ago, I wanted to inform you the last time we met but you left angrily, I’ve been in search of those guns ever since and got a clue about some merchant selling guns at the border, I’ve been on their trail and get to know they sold plenty of guns and ammunitions to a northern lord, I couldn’t order an attack because I want to know the big fish behind these scenes. For Christ sake, open your heart and never be manipulated ( Lincoln’s phone began to ring again, he cut the call without looking at the phone or whoever the caller was)

Lincoln- (angrily) how do you explain the bullets then? These bullets are specified specially by our late General and kept beneath the crept of this earth, only three people knows about the location of these bullet in the world, the late General, you and I, now the general is gone which implies the secret is best known between us. This is a signature of war, you are an enemy of this country.

Reuben- (stunned and confused) open your heart and come out of darkness by purifying yourself with love Lincoln, you need to come out of darkness to realization before things are finally destroyed.
Lincoln- shut the crap up !! ( He’s phone began to ring again, this time he checked the caller and receive the call with soldiers still surrounding Reuben, ready to fire if he tries anything)

I called to inform you he’s now awake sir, the doctor confirmed he woke 15 minutes ago ( one of the soldiers told Lincoln)
Lincoln- (relieved) I will be there within minutes (the call ended) get this man down soldiers, he’s an enemy of this country
( the soldiers immediately bring him down with a thud, as he falls to his knees)

To be continued…….
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