Flames from the bombs fill the air, half of the building has been destroyed, the sounds of gun shot fill the entire atmosphere. The soldiers bring them down slowly one after the other, the entire story change when Fred miraculously woke at the hospital to reveal who his attackers were, there was a mole among the soldiers who was the betrayer and the ex-convicted Colonel who was the master mind planner behind it. They had failed in their speculation that Fred couldn’t survive the attack and were captured before they succeed in their plans to leave the country.

The soldiers who were given new orders, Freed Reuben and attack the northern lord who was involve in selling illegal and dangerous weapons at the border, he was caught unawares and captured, series of guns and bullet were recovered, with all his accomplice captured while some died in the gun battle.

Lincoln was still weak and lying almost lifelessly, nobody understand the mystery behind his fall, the doctors also couldn’t fathom the cause of his illness, its absolutely surprise everyone.

Flashback !!!!

The soldiers attacked Reuben and make him fall on his knees, you don’t have to do this Lincoln, you absolutely know this is crazy, we’ve been through toils and had overcome every obstacle together, we’ve been together from childhood Lincoln, unity and trust had keep us up going, we can work this out between us Lincoln, what do I hope to achieve by killing your son? (Reuben ask) fuck you betrayer (Lincoln shouted) what about the bullets and your fingerprint? I believe in evidence, what a betrayer you are, the mines can never be yours Reuben, you’ve been asking me to give it out, your jealousy has ruined you and I swear you’ll pay for this.

Reuben- I pray the love of Christ redeem you from the snare of darkness before you realize it and before things are finally destroyed.
Lincoln- (pissed off) you claim of love with your act of betrayer? Damn you and your believe with your fucking God, enough talking, take him away soldiers (he command as he walked out of the compound with three of his most strong guard following behind as they entered one of the vehicle they came with) where are we going sir? (One of the guard asked, he was at the driver seat) Lincoln started feeling a severe headache and dizziness suddenly (he wonder why he was having the feelings) where are we going sir (the guard ask again when there was no response from him the first time, the other two guards were now looking at him, they knew better than to ask him what was wrong) I need to visit the hospital but let’s go home first….


We had to check on him after 30 minutes without coming outside, we met him falling over one of the sofas at the sitting room devastated and weak, rushed him up here and has been like this ever since without change. ( The room was filled up with people who heard that the mighty General Lincoln was hospitalized for an unknown illness) he fell down the day his son woke, what the hell is happening? (Ask one of the people in the hospital room, asking no one in particular) the illness was severe, he could not move his hands and legs or any part of his body, his eyes too were closed.
Fred enters the room with the doctor assigned for his father, mum the doctor said he’s dying (Fred said with tears rolling down his cheek) the woman cuddle her son as tears too were falling uncontrollably from hers. Though Lincoln was a harsh man, she had come to love him wholeheartedly, he was the only man that had captured her heart but Lincoln principles of no forgiveness broke her home, he never forgives, he is a man that believes in law and punishment, and that was what broke their marriage. Here he is now unable to move himself, the mighty General Lincoln.
Its going to be fine, the people in the room try to comfort the two of them who were now in a sorrowful embrace. We need to pray for his soul (said Reuben who was standing beside his dying friend, the people in the room turn to face him and the dying General)
Fred- I am deeply sorry for what my father had cost you sir, I….
Reuben- (interrupting him) I’ve told you not to worry Fred, Lincoln is a good friend of mine, he has only allow the enemies in, out of the principles he had laid for himself. I believe all he need now is prayers. (They all nod and join hands together as they begins to pray)

To be continued…….
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