I don’t know anything about this, I was framed, have no idea how I got to the sce….ne (arghh) as a hot electrified iron was placed on his laps again. He has been tortured severely with bruise all over, he was given three dirty sounding slap again before he could say further. If you claim you didn’t attack my son, then who did? Who sent you? (Lincoln ask, entering the room suddenly, the other soldiers immediately stands to salute him) I know nothing about this and nobody sent me, (he received another three slap and blows again) I don’t give a f…k about your crocodile tears, where were you then Steve? (He ask further) I was at my residence, I had a schedule meeting with some of my old friends that day at 9:00pm, was on my way when I was hit by a truck and fell over, I woke later to the realization of been wanted for an attempt murder (he replied painfully, winsing in pain ) do you confirm what he just said? (Lincoln ask the sergeant torturing him), not yet sir, but Fred claimed he and two unrecognized guys attack him before sergeant James came to his rescue.

I want you to confirm his claims, search his phone for records and meet with his friends, and (he turns to Steve, looking at him with fierce anger) I will have you and your family killed if Fred confirm what I’ve just been told, put a call through to the doctor for me, (he said, walking out of the room as other soldiers follow him, leaving only Steve in the room)

I am getting impatient doc, isn’t he awake yet? Yes sir (he could hear the doctor sighs on the other end) we are expecting him to be conscious today, his injuries are beyond what we speculated but he will surely be fine ( the doctor added) okay doc, give me a call whenever he’s out of coma… the call ended

Sir, I think we now have a clue on this, the owner of the gun used has been tracked and identified, the scouts sent for inspection are here. (Said one of the sergeant as Lincoln end his call) who is it? (He ask)

To be continued….
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