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The weather seem rather unusual this morning, what’s the weather report stated for today? Its going to rain. (Replied Reuben) how long have we been friends Lincoln? ( He ask) 16years Reuben ( i replied, wondering why he ask the question) we’ve both gone through toils of death, we almost perished in the war, but we survived, we conquer and that’s why we are alive till date.
I know you to be a principle person , straight forward, honest and loyal, you have every qualities that conform well but there’s something far more great that aren’t in your possession, something so precious you don’t have ( eyebrow raised) there you go again Reuben, get me off that shit !! Gat no time, told yell am aren’t interested in that ‘I reply him’
(Reuben smiles faintly) Lincoln please open your heart to this undying love, a love that calls out for salvation, a love that redeem from the snare of hell and the devil, that love change my life, has redeem my soul from the deepest pit of darkness, You need to accept…. Get the f…k out of here ( interrupting him) enough of the bullshit you’re saying, where was your damn God when my parent died? Why didn’t he answer my prayers to help? Why did he left me under the snare of evil when you claim of love? Cut me off those shit soldier, your damn God failed me, he didn’t help when I need him, never discuss this with me ever again ( I said angrily) now will you excuse me… ( I stand to leave)
“ You’ll soon get to understand this Mystery “ Lincoln, God has reasons accountable for everything on earth and I want to say this (he said as I turns, looking back at him) I don’t believe Steve is behind the attack on your son, besides that won’t stop another attempt on him, what do you mean? (I ask him) I strongly believe you need to check yourself soldier, don’t spill the blood of an innocent soul, Steve aren’t got the measures to touch your son. I believe there’s a stronger hands on this ( said Reuben) I looked at him, hissed and get out of his sight.
To be continued….
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