A Start Button (Little Clips of Ireti Adedipe)
A Start Button (Little Clips of Ireti Adedipe)

A Start Button (Little Clips of Ireti Adedipe)

Amidst the saying, “Nothing is worth dying for” !! literary the author of this particular phrase had prior thoughts and a strong sense of unbreakable feelings that conceived his words.

Apparently, people die every day from generation to generation as to ones unborn and it explains a bit of how this author feels generally about life.

Day by day, circumstances changed and rhetorical events change alongside. The birth of advanced technology and more which are yet to come are profound facts that the entire universe change in sphere.

Of course, we could fight for love, for life, for possession and everything else generally but deeply within the pace. Do you think it’s worth dying for?

No? Yes? !! Whatever your answers really tell how strong you are or can be.

Hence what’s A Start Button?

It only takes a button to direct a nuclear bomb into any territory, it only takes a button to send or receive messages, it takes a button to switch on/off electricity, a button to turn on the TV, laptop or any electrified materials, a button to start automated cars, trains or even airplanes.

These Buttons are critically essential and it determines what would work and what wouldn’t. However, exemplified. We’d be learning specifically on a generic form of any Start Button that critically are examined with research based on:

1. Description
2. Confident
3. Ability
4. Research
5. The Start Button and
6. Result

In other forms, Description tells who or what you are, Confident tells your boldness, Ability explains your strengths, Research tells how resourceful you are, The Start Button tells how you started and Result as it seems tells the outcome.

Hence, being resourceful generally in all abbreviations is your spark and strength. War starts on the cause of something and peace can only succumb with the presence of war. Difficulties alike as well as every phenomenon of our world.

Wait. How many times have you thought of solving one problem or difficulty in any phenomenon?

Did you find answers to your questions or possibly related problems?

If yes and you do often, how well do you react to every start of a solution or a problem?

If no and thriving, have you tried using new or diverse methods but didn’t work out? Have you thrive and pulled appropriately every string and it still didn’t work out?

Probably you need to take a break or see a physician, physiologist or related artifact to such a problem, who knows? Play cards, have fun, make an adventure, change environments, make positive friends and restart, re-push the Start Button again and again till you’re satisfied with your resourceful outcome. As the Author had phrased, “Nothing is worth dying for”

Maybe you need to chill, give space and refresh your inner sight. Knowing that every action in life is ever triggered with a Start Button and as it is, every journey begins with a step, no matter how far, it’s definitely a step after another till we get to the finish line.

Have you ever pulled A Start Button? Why not try that difficult solution.

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Written by Ireti Adedipe

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