Do What You Love (Little clips of Ireti Adedipe)

When we talk about doing what you love, it is comparatively in dimensions but it is essential here to be on the basis of goodwill. So let’s make levity on that fact.

My Name is Ireti Adedipe, I am a Photographer and a Writer. Let me say a rather prolific one.

Tons of years ago I took up a normal challenge every kid/teenager across America, Asia, Africa and around the Globe would rather encounter. Of course, you know those challenges of finding who you are, what you are, what you want, what you can do, what you best at as much as sort of normal challenges every teen encounters when growing.

Obviously it took me years to answer these questions as much as I tried doing lots of things for a while before I could discover who I really am. Thanks for what helped out on that.

Eventually, in years I answered my undying question, found my talent and I solved the supposed challenge. I discovered I could write, I could sit for long without thinking and pour out words. I could narrate every scenario, every action and position I see with words in an imaginary way. I could narrate the flow move of a running dog and explains the calculations of its movements. It was so easy like breathing.

Writing just became part of me, it was interesting and it was easy to pour out everything on my head on like the flows of the meal taken by a kid.

I found out I had writing skills and I began to nurture myself, I began to love myself, I began to love what I do as much as I loved Photography.

Now if we stand on the basis of reality, doing what you love as much as it conforms with rules. I think should be enjoyable (British).

What is/are those things you love doing? Do you love watching movies? Do you love playing games? Do you love music? Do you love to be online 24hrs? Do you love cooking? Do you love sports? Do you love dancing? Do you love taking pictures? You love your job? Do you love singing? Do you love reading? Do you love going to schools? Do you love tourism? Do you love studying? Do you love Engineering?

Whatever it is you love, do it.
Whatever it is you want, look
Whatever it is you need, find.

Your future depends on what you love and what you do decides your own fate. What you step aside is your choice but what you take determines your future.

Reminder: Focus on doing what you love because what you love determines the strengths of your growth.

Rather on the basis, if what you love does not yield positively, it is imperative that you try hard, try harder, try hard and harder but if it’s still not yielding then you are yet to find yourself. Only means you are still on the lookout to solve the teen challenges.

It is with full Procreation and full understanding that you face the next clips of challenges in the long run but does life really worth it if we are pencils that could be exterminated?

I’ll rather adherently say “Do your best. Leave the rest but make an impact, a worthy impact for generations to live on”

We are chanced to do Some things not Everything and we are chanced to live for Sometimes not Forever.

So whatever You do, love it and
Remember to always Do What You Love.

© Ireti Adedipe.
® 2020.

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