Important Message
Important Message

Important Message


“Particularly for Nigerians”

Can you see around the world everyone wants to become an international star? We all want to become movie artist, professional directors, professional photographer, professional engineers, musical artists, musical producers, professional transmitter, professional drummer, professional makeup artist, professional stylist, fashion designer, bloggers, professional artisan, writers, marketers, content creators, lawyers, distributors, mechanism wholesalers, consultants, online crypto guru, political individuals and so much more.

Greatness is dully ahead the phase of our generation and the upcoming ones, no doubt, but we are forgetting the reality of the last days. Have we not forgotten the upcoming cries of war ahead? Stands to be corrected, Nigeria economy system cannot remain this bad forever, gerontocracy cannot rule this country forever. There needs to be changes, true changes that will not end as the Endsars. Its you that’s not preparing, it’s only you that does think of the impossibility, it’s only you that’s focused on building your career into international level.

Of course Become great, but when the impossibility comes, I do hope your career would not be affected.

Fellow Nigerians, the food sector is dying, only few people are just in line. What would happen to us if war comes, what would be our fate if we are made to stay indoors for long, for days, for weeks or for months?

The food sector is dying, dear Yoruba’s and it elites, the food sector is dying.

Thanks to doctors, least they save lives.

Thanks to our soldiers, least they try to protect us.

Thanks to every sector, least individuals are rising to progress.


The food sector is dying, we all know how to prepare food but we average knows how to produce them..

What would happen to our future now that we all want to do something else? Are we to depend on companies that will only give us manures as food?

Or shall we depend on another country to feed us in future? Ask an aspiring young fellow what he wants to become in life and be assured our food sector has died.

Read the message again and think about it.

© Ireti Adedipe, 13/09/2021

Fellow Nigerians. Important Message


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