What prompt You? (Little Clips of Ireti Adedipe)
What prompt You? (Little Clips of Ireti Adedipe)

What prompts you? (Little clips of Ireti Adedipe)

Everyone in life has one strive that lingers their desires and at a point there’s always a collision with the brain to digest those desires and the reason for having them. Relatedly everyone has various abilities, strength, weakness, opportunities and threat as they relate to explain the works of nature but their path of fulfilling are always mostly filled with unseen obstacles.

Years ago, I had an insight of what I am and what I wish to become, I fought with one part of me just like every other growing kid fight in their teenage years for questions and answers. Probably elude with ignorance and fact basis on believes.

When I got my skill, I began to nourish them, had different unfailing thoughts, had vision, had inspiration and self-inspired attributes that promised a fulfilling future.

I took in my energy in doing what excite me and had various plans as everyone else, I grew on until I reached the spot to my weakness and spot of threats, took up various challenges and solved them with the little opportunity or not I had till I began to emphasis on the basis of solving them. Hence, I created phenomenon of “I wish I had” and there were series of obstacles above my little ways of solving my problems and “I wish I had” somehow digress me from that route.

Do not blame me, we all at a point encounter an obstacle that would create an unimaginable gap between our excitements as we viciously adhere to realistic theories of pressure, gaps of economic structures and unequal access to similar materials to solve our insatiable demands.

Little at a time, I began to digress from the fulfilling excitement without doubts and I stopped for a passing moment of peace. Question was how would I achieve my dreams without been in possession of the right materials? Hence, I took my time, waited and ignored the obstacle ahead of me like every entrepreneur out in the world would advise a break to every challenge that looks unbreakable at first.

Nevertheless, in time, the break I took somehow worked and I began to get my hopes high again after solutions arises to my problems.

I took up the challenge and ready to fight it admits all odds, admits all pains, inconveniences and scarcity of all the materials I needed despite the disagreeing wave from one side of me.

As I began to level my pace, slow at a time. I had help and I got one of my materials, one of which was the greatest to my path and fulfilling life. I got whelmed, secured and gladden at the passing moment with ignites of appreciation and my “I wish I had became a thing of the past.

Now what? I had it? Yeah of course but what prompted me?

What was my reaction/action after I obtained what I thought was the greatest materials? Many would say what else if the obstacles have been lifted rather to showcase the ability and be whoever I wanted but forgetting that there are bad days, days your plans would not work as scheduled, days of frustration, time and energy consuming days, days of quest, and much more as days of victory, achievements, happy moment and the opposite alike.

Everyone has different capability but it is paramount that everyone passes through challenges that may change their original cause or otherwise but how essential is it to remember what prompt your ideas and decisions into play?

Exemplify, making a decision or creating an idea because a friend, neighbor, family members, colleagues, or partners has an ability you love/like and you developed them into your cause in life because you love them or love what they do will subsequently lead to:

  1. Failure
  2. Waste of resources
  3. Waste of energy and time
  4. Challenges and more obstacles
  5. And Denial


The Question is what prompt you into making an idea?

Are you on the cause you started with or you’ve created the same phenomenon of I wish I had?

Have you not mostly deviated from becoming who you are or acting upon what you are?

Eventually you had what you wish, are you staying focus enough to what triggers you at the very beginning?

As a writer, are you still writing? Are you still playing balls as a footballer? Do you still read? Have you stopped blogging? Are you giving up on excellent dreams you have for yourself?


Ask yourself what prompted you from the beginning and stay focus to what you love.

Need help? Kindly forward a mail.

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